Our Services Are Changing

URGENT NOTICE for All Excite Email Subscribers,
We have made the decision to end Excite email operations for all Excite members effective August 31, 2021. All email account information including emails, address books, calendars, notes, etc will be permanently removed from our servers and will no longer be available. On this date we will no longer offer, nor support, email services.

You have the option to move to a new subscription-based email with improved services through our long-time partner, BlueTie. For a small annual fee, you'll be able to keep your contacts and messages with uninterrupted service. Your email address will change, but you'll keep the same email platform you know and trust with your current settings.

Data Privacy
Your data belongs to you and we will never sell it or share it.
Improved, Ad-Free Email
More storage. More tools. No Ads.
More Security
Increased email security helping to reduce spam.
Same Look
Same platform. Your settings. Keep your emails.

Change in service August 31, 2021